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5 Easy Steps for Creating the Best Mobile Apps in 2021

Just as the smartphone has changed the way we live, so too have apps. It is even a running joke that there is an app for every function and task you can think of, no matter how seemingly frivolous. However, app development has evolved dramatically since its introduction. Creating an app in 2021 comes with its own challenges—far easier said than done. If you plan to develop an app soon, then follow these steps to create the best: 

1. Start planning your mobile app

The first step in the mobile app development life cycle is studying your competitor’s apps and what the market wants. It allows you to learn about what you need to add to your app, so users can easily buy your product. There are two ways to conduct market research. One is business analysis, and the other is mobile strategy.  

Business analysis allows you to understand the value of the app and its possible return on investment. As for the mobile strategy, it involves studying users and your target audience. During the planning stage, you can also create a detailed promotional plan to have a clear idea of how to grow your business.

Aside from understanding your target market, you must also plan out the technical aspects of the app. A technical writer can help you create a technical document detailing the process of using the app. It can also detail possible changes and future features in the app.

2.  Start creating a prototype 

Once you are able to plan your app, it’s time to create a prototype. The prototype is the visual representation of your app. Start by sketching the app to have a clear picture of what it would look like. 

After creating the sketch, it’s time to create wireframes that show the draft of the structure. Then create a clickable prototype to correct any inconsistencies with the actual app. Put together all the wireframes as the final part of this step. 

3. It’s time to develop the mobile app

There are two parts to the development of a mobile app. One is done in the front-end, while the other is the back-end. During front-end development, you can create the screen design for the mobile layouts and the integration of app screens. This stage aims to ensure the app runs on different devices, allowing users to interact with it successfully. 

The back-end development focuses on API, business logic, data storage, and retrieval. This is concerned about the server, database, and all the technical processes that happen behind the scenes.  

4. Check the quality of the app

Before you release the app, you need to check it first. It must work properly and function well. In this stage, the app can be tested on different devices and platforms. You can even ask customers to share their feedback before the release of the app in a process called beta testing. 

5. Release and maintain the app

The last part of mobile app development is the release of the app. You can publish it on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once the app is published, you need to conduct maintenance to make sure it is running smoothly. 


Creating a mobile app can be a lucrative endeavor. You can earn a lot of money and gain new customers this way. We hope that the steps above guide you in the process of developing an app. Just make sure you properly test the app before publishing it and listen to customer feedback to improve the experience over time.

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