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Digital Marketing Sales Funnels: Here’s What to Know

Digital marketing sales funnels can help you make the sales process in your business run efficiently. It’s a crucial part of the success of your business. It can make a huge difference when it comes to generating leads.

What Is A Digital Marketing Sales Funnel?

Digital marketing sales funnels can be used by digital agencies and digital business owners to make their leads more productive. Digital marketing sales funnels help digital marketers by helping them understand their leads through the buyer’s journey and their funnel. Digital marketing sales funnels can help digital business owners and agencies get more clients and make more money. A digital marketing sales funnel is a very useful tool for digital marketers and businesses that want to succeed in their industry.

What Are A Digital Marketing Sales Funnel’s Stages?

There are quite a few stages when it comes to the sales funnel of digital marketing. When it comes to SaaS or eCommerce in particular, this means that the leads go through the website. Here are the key stages:

STAGE: Awareness

When potential clients first enter the sales funnel, they are attracted to a brand. Potential clients are converted into leads as they discover more about the brand and its products and services. Leads are added to the lead management system for nurturing until they convert into paying customers. The top of the sales funnel is where potential clients are first exposed to a brand. Attention must be paid to how potential clients interact with the brand. The web is a very noisy place; it is important to stand out in this environment. 

STAGE: Interest

At this stage, prospects learn about your brand and the different types and qualities of your products. This is the stage where prospects want to dig deeper into your business. The interest stage provides an opportunity to develop strong relationships with prospects through targeted communication. To optimise results in this stage, make sure that your website is attractive, functional and easy to use. Consider adding live chat to your landing pages. Become an authority and nurture prospects through targeted content.

STAGE: Consideration

Marketers classify leads with the “Consideration” stage when the lead understands their problems, the best solutions to those problems, and that your business can provide them. Yet, these leads are not ready to make a decision. They may continue to look for alternative solutions to their problems, and marketers need to send more information about their products and/or services to these leads and continue to nurture them with targeted content, free trials, studies, and more.

Other stages which are self-explanatory include intent, evaluation and purchase. The ideal is for every single site visitor or potential lead to eventually get to the purchase stage.


The sales funnel is a key part of marketing, especially when it comes to the digital kind. It’s meant to help push a lead towards a positive ending. Key stages include awareness, interest as well as consideration. The other stages are intent, evaluation and purchase.

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