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8 Emerging Digital Marketing Strategies to Adopt in 2022

The new year opens new strategies as digital marketing constantly changes and grows this 2022. Businesses should plan for and be ready to take advantage of new digital marketing trends so their businesses continue to thrive in the new normal.

With every business hurting from an ongoing worldwide crisis, it’s critical to consider how user behavior and media consumption have changed. Marketers eager for a breather and possible breakthroughs are preparing to test out these potential marketing methods.

Here are eight new digital marketing tactics to adopt in 2022:

Google’s voice search is a key tool that marketers need to be using. From mobile devices to smart home speakers and more, voice search is indeed the next step forward. The percentage of users turning to voice search will snowball in the next few years, so adding this technology to your marketing strategy today is crucial.

2. Augmented Reality (AR)

Mobile devices are integral to the modern consumer, thus the increase of AR services for consumers who demand seamless and real-time experiences.

With AR, you’ll be able to offer a unique, interactive experience for your target audience. This can be beneficial for new product launches and establishing your brand. Think about how you can use this technology to market your products and services.

3. Look for Meta Opportunities

The Metaverse is the internet made virtual and, possibly, augmented by using VR and AR. However, the current market, technological capabilities, and business potential still need improvement to maximize metaverse opportunities.

Some Metaverse marketing opportunities you can try include the following:

  • Socializing: Social spaces allow users to become their avatar, putting them in a virtual presence, and immersing them in a virtual environment. Applications include VR meetings, social gatherings, on-site inspections, and gaming.
  • Targeting: Central to the Metaverse will be the ability to target consumers and deliver personalized shopping experiences, whether a one-to-one engagement or a one-to-many promotional activity. 
  • Virtual Reality: The potential for VR/AR advertising is huge as consumers will be immersed in a completely new reality.

4. Boosted Social Media Posts

Every day, millions of people miss the posts that their favorite brands are publishing on social media even if these brands are posting their content multiple times in the same day. Better start strengthening your social presence and take advantage of boosted social posts with efficient audience segmentation. 

5. Data-Driven Decision Making

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, but the importance and impact of digital marketing on businesses and brands will remain constant. As data analysis becomes more mainstream, every marketing decision can be data-driven to yield target results more efficiently. 

6. Location Data Analytics

Geo-location is a powerful way to ensure that brands and businesses are in the right place at the right time. It’s a way to monitor the performance of campaigns, events, and more.

Some of the benefits of location-based marketing include enhanced customer experience, improved location-based advertising and conversion rates, and better customer service.

7. SEO Is Becoming More of an Integrated Process

One of the oldest and most valuable kinds of digital marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). As search engines get smarter and more contextual, marketers must focus less on SEO “hacks” and more on offering their consumers an exceptional and meaningful experience. Marketers should prioritize outstanding user experience (UX) above SEO.

8. Voice UI/UX

Voice User Interface (VUI) is a new interactive application that helps us connect with products and services via voice control. It’s designed to make us more comfortable interacting with technology by using natural language to interact with apps, services, and devices.

In the future, the voice-based user experience will become more popular, which means businesses will also have to consider the impact of this technology on their marketing.


Digital marketing has evolved quickly over the years and continues to change day by day. So, marketing teams and businesses need to keep up with trends and technologies as they emerge.

In order to maximize your marketing potential, these marketing strategies must be integrated into every facet of your business operations for optimized brand success.

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