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Differentiating Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

There’s a general misconception that all marketing is the same; in truth, there’s a marked difference in two broad categories. Traditional marketing and digital marketing are not the same thing in the very least. 

Some people tend to think all marketing is ultimately the same; other people just aren’t sure which one works best for them. In this blog, we’re going to explore what they are and their key differences. That way, a more informed decision can be made when it comes to which marketing type would be best.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing channels include the likes of printed media such as flyers, magazine ads, newspaper ads, and even billboards. It was essentially the only kind of marketing available until the 1990s. Things changed completely when the internet was introduced and began to evolve rather quickly.

Digital Marketing

As the name suggests, digital marketing is all about the use of channels in the digital space. In today’s modern times, that essentially means social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the likes, along with business websites. Advancements in digital marketing have made it very easy to convey an organization or company’s message to a very wide audience.

Think about the advertisement clips that randomly interrupt YouTube videos as you stream them, or even the quick ads in the middle of Facebook videos. Or even the sudden inserts that pop up in between Instagram Stories when you’re trying to browse your feed. All of those fall under digital marketing efforts.

So What’s the Difference?

The advancements of technology and the internet, in general, are the key factors to differentiating digital marketing from the traditional. It should be noted that “traditional” is not a different way of referring to something as being “old-fashioned”. As previously mentioned, websites and social media are the key mediums for digital marketing. On the other hand, traditional marketing makes use of the likes of physical objects like newspapers, magazines, and even flyers.

There is a long-lasting effect brought on by the likes of classic TV commercials for timeless brands like Levi’s, and age-old magazines like fashion icon Vogue, among others. Traditional marketing knows exactly how to leave a mark on a wide audience, especially its target demographic. Many people end up with an attachment on a subconscious, emotional level with certain brands. It keeps them at the forefront of one’s mind when the conversation turns to anything related to their industries.

Digital marketing holds just as much importance, essentially manifesting across each area of the internet involved with daily use.

The advantages of digital marketing include:

  • Campaign metrics measured easily
  • Easy pointed targeting
  • Wide choices for engagement

The advantages of traditional marketing include:

  • Easy to digest
  • Marketing materials in print are longer-lasting
  • Notable impact
  • Stronger recall


Traditional marketing and digital marketing sometimes get mistaken as, well, all the same marketing. That is just not true, with the internet and advancements in technology marking a clear delineation. From the name itself, digital marketing involves cyberspace: websites and social media alike. On the other hand, traditional marketing involves the likes of print ads in magazines or newspapers and TV commercials.

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