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Digital Marketing Or Traditional Marketing ?

What Is Better Digital Marketing Or Traditional Marketing ?

All firms have a marketing budget and it’s very important to spent it in it’s place and the right direction.
where do you will spend it ?

let’s start with Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing or offline marketing
offline marketing it’s a form of Marketing using the different channels, such as printed media and billboards.
until 1990’s traditional marketing was the only type of marketing till the development of internet.

traditional channels:
– print like (news papers and magazines)
– outdoors (fliers and billboards)
– Direct mail (postcards and catalogs)
– broadcast such as (radio and TV)
– Telephone (sms marketing and telemarketing)

Digital marketing is using the different channels of digital like websites and all social media tools we use to communicate.

Digital marketing channels:
– social media marketing
– Website
– Affiliate marketing
– Inbound marketing
– email marketing
– PPC & SEM marketing

pros and cons:
– Poor interaction
traditional marketing get poor interaction because the lake of communication it’s a one way communication, not like online marketing that full of engagement and interaction.

– no control
you can’t control over timing, you will not able to pause it and reactive as easy as digital marketing.

– higher cost than online marketing
traditional marketing cost is very high compering with digital marketing cost

– edit is not easy at all
you can edit easily on any digital marketing campaigns but it’s hard to do this in traditional and it’s very expensive.

– poor measurement
you can’t measure the result of traditional campaigns as well as digital marketing.

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