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How was Corona-virus effect on E-Commerce business ?

Corona-virus power effect on E-Commerce business

E-Commerce business numbers has a lot of changes after COVID-19.
Let’s see what happened

After COVID-19 spreading in Egypt and the world, there are a lot of changes in consumer behaviors, starting with social distancing and stay at home, also schools, offices and universities change to online modes of working and studying.
COVID-19 impact all business as a result of curfew and decrease number of opening hours.
Also retail business affected by this pandemic.

What COVIED-19 did with E-Commerce business ?
The government lock-downs and decrease opening hours for most of business to slowdown corona-virus spread, also some business shutdown till end of COVIED-19.

In curfew all citizen stay at home for quarantine. they can’t go out and shop as they used to do.

Markets, Mall and retail are closed, so They are turn to a new way to get there own good: online shopping.
– Increase online shopping
COVIED-19 has a major effect on E-Commerce business
Everything is available essential services like groceries, now they delivered online by E-Commerce websites in order to overcome the curfew.

– Business transforming to E-Commerce websites
E-Commerce is rapidly increasing for years now, due Covied-19 it’s the best solution to overcome this pandemic also it’s safe way to keep social distancing while achieve customer needs.

Let’s See COVID-19 Transforming E-Commerce business

– Retailer’s growth year-over-year revenue up 68% on the mid of April.
– 129% Year-over-year growth in Egypt E-Commerce orders.
– 35% increase in online conversion rates.

How To transform to an E-Commerce business in Egypt ?
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