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How eCommerce Businesses are Embracing Social Media

For many years, the eCommerce industry has continued to grow as more people prefer to do their shopping online. In fact, it’s one of the very few industries that experienced continuous growth during the pandemic. One of the contributing factors to that growth is actually social media and its millions of users. But how exactly does social media impact the eCommerce sector? Or is it the other way around? How can businesses leverage social platforms moving forward? This article should help answer some of those questions.

How Social Media affects Business

The most obvious explanation behind this phenomenon is that social media is practically a free marketing tool that almost anyone can use. It allows companies to engage customers all over the world with just a single post. TV ads, radio spots, and print media are still important pieces of advertising, but they could never compete with the reach and influence of social media. 

Of course, you also can’t ignore the fact that social media marketing is free most of the time. However, cost only represents the tip of the iceberg. Some other benefits of using social media and eCommerce include:

1. Two-Way Communication

Radio and television have been considered two of the most potent pieces of advertising before the advent of the internet. While they remain effective, you can’t expect any response from your audience over the ads you present on those platforms. It would take months to see if your ad campaign over TV and radio works or what your audience thinks about your product. Compare that to social media, where the response is almost instantaneous. You’ll see exactly what users think about you as a company and the product or service you’re offering.

2. Segmentation by Geography, Demography, and Interest

In the golden age of print, radio, and television, generic advertisements were more or less the go-to form of marketing back then. Fast-forward to the present day, and you can literally craft advertisements designed for a specific demographic and interest. Nowadays, it’s easier to conduct A/B testing of highly individualized messages for equally individualized audiences.

3. Multiplier Effect

With a click of the mouse, users can share the “original” message to thousands of friends or followers. If you’re trying to market your eCommerce business, that’s like hitting the jackpot. You can basically make a single low-cost social media post go viral and get thousands or even millions of users to react to it overnight. That’s the kind of exposure that will help your eCommerce business propel itself into the limelight where potential customers themselves are the ones coming to you.

The Bottom Line—eCommerce Should Embrace Social Media

With social media being a cost-effective marketing tool for many businesses, there’s no question that embracing it is the right decision. Any eCommerce business can benefit from the benefits brought about by social media as long as they have a sound marketing strategy in place. Social media will only continue to dominate the digital landscape, making it an incredible opportunity that no sane business owner should miss.

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