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How to Boost PPC Campaign Performance: 3 Tips and Tricks

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a form of digital marketing that sets your business apart from others. By being more than just noise in a world full of ads, you increase your chances of gaining greater visibility on search engines, boosting conversion rate, and achieving other business goals. Since you only pay for active clicks, it saves you a lot of money compared to utilizing other marketing tactics.

Although these benefits sound promising, you can only enjoy them when your PPC campaigns are executed smartly. The challenge is to make your ad attractive and stand out among tons of other ads. It’s not easy, but thankfully, here are some tips you can follow to make your PPC ads enticing and convince your target audience to click on them:

1. Create a Compelling Copy

Your copy is one of the first elements your potential customers will see in your ad. If it attracts their attention and is catchy enough, it can encourage them to click on your ad. 

Great advertising copy keeps users interested and guides them to where they should go and what they must do. To craft excellent copy, make sure to highlight your unique selling proposition. This is what makes your ad different from others. For example, you could posit your offer with a one-of-a-kind feature, limited discount, or built-in free delivery. 

Don’t forget to add a call to action, such as “Shop now” or “Get in touch with us,” to increase your conversion rate. To make it easier for mobile users to engage with your business, you can place click-to-call buttons that directly lead to your contact portals.

2. Combine Ad Extensions 

PPC ad extensions offer easy optimization by providing additional information below your ad copy. These details can make your campaign stand out and snag the top rankings on the search engine results page. Since users get a better idea of your products and services, they are more encouraged to click on your ad.

An ad extension you can use for eCommerce is a SiteLinks Extension. It features specific items in your ads and targets more general keywords. On the other hand, Review Extensions lets you showcase your business’s success. This highlights the best characteristics of your products or services. There are several other extensions you can choose from so you have to use the best ones that suit your needs. Consider working with a professional digital marketing company if you need further assistance.

3. Choose Keywords Wisely

Users searching are most likely ready to purchase. Take this as your opportunity to leverage your products and services through PPC ads. Some ways to do this are using modified broad match keyword bidding or adding negative keywords. 

Broad match keyword bidding prevents you from narrowing the audience too much. To use this type of match, place a plus sign before your targeted keywords. Additionally, defining keywords you don’t want to target will allow you to have more qualified traffic and prevent you from getting irrelevant clicks. 


When done right, your PPC campaigns can improve your traffic, conversions, and sales quickly. But before attaining successful results, you need to make your ads irresistible to click by following these strategies. If you need a helping hand to accomplish all of these, reach out to expert marketing professionals.

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