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6 Ways IoT Is Affecting Mobile Development Now and Its Future

Short for the Internet of Things, IoT has been one of the most influential technologies introduced to various industries. It is simply the technology that utilizes data collected from machines and people, which is then shared amongst different devices for various purposes. That said, IoT hasn’t only been found in things like smart thermostats or lightbulbs. It has also impacted mobile app development.

Today, we want to talk about exactly how IoT has affected mobile app development now and into the future:

1. Hybrid Applications Are Increasingly Normal

It’s already a given that an IoT device must have a mobile application. Why? It’s simple: While a non-IoT mobile application can function independently, it will not perform specific tasks as effectively as a hybrid application. Consider that non-IoT mobile applications can’t function with a machine for a particular task, whether that be viewing data or sharing data. It’s the reason why hybrid applications came shortly after IoT, to complement its functionality.

2. Native Applications May See Some Decline

In many cases, especially when developing applications for IoT, hybrid is the go-to approach – not only because it’s easier to develop but also because it’s much more efficient than native. Because IoT devices are essentially like extensions of your mobile device, there isn’t a need to develop a native application.

3. Open Source Development Is Becoming More Common

Although it is a bit more difficult to develop, one of the more interesting aspects of hybrid mobile application development is the fact that it’s open-source. And although this is standard when developing for Android, it’s still a pretty big deal on iOS. With such a development method becoming more of a norm, we’ll start to see more iOS and Android apps being developed in such ways!

4. Companies Are Now Developing Their Platforms

Since hybrid applications are open source, companies can use them to develop their platforms. And while this isn’t a common trend, it’s certainly one that’s becoming more and more popular. What it comes down to is that companies want to focus on their services instead of trying to figure out these code bases. After all, this is not only a tedious process, but it’s a time-consuming one as well.

5. Smaller Companies Are Developing Bigger, Better Applications

Many people underestimate the capabilities of smaller, more nimble companies because they think they don’t have the staff or the resources to get the job done. Unfortunately, this is a huge misconception because smaller companies can develop more well-rounded and more powerful applications than their bigger counterparts, especially now. With open-source development and easy access to cloud development, smaller companies can often create better applications than the bigger players. While it won’t be a guarantee, the possibility is always there!

6. Developers Are Getting More Data

IoT is not only a disruptive technology itself, but it’s also a disruptive industry. In a world where people are so used to the comfort of the web, interoperability between the web and different devices is key. And because IoT is all about exchanging information, the more data you have, the better. As such, IoT will likely change the way data is handled, leading to more data for developers to use.


The Internet of Things is changing the world as we know it, and it’s changing mobile app development as well. Not only is it allowing mobile app developers to make mobile applications compatible with other devices, but it’s also allowing them to change how they approach mobile development entirely. With ever-improving technology, IoT is only going to get better, and the same is said for the future of mobile development.

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