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5 Common Misconceptions When Establishing Website Design

Website design usually defines the overall look and functionality of a website. However, making it appealing isn’t enough to make your website effective. This is because it takes many ideas, research, and thoughts for it to be considered reliable and helpful for your customers. There are myths about web design that leave website owners confused and lost.

If you are planning to build your website, you should ask for the help of a web design agency to avoid these common misconceptions about web design:

Everything must be accessible in few clicks

Everything that takes less time is better, but this does not necessarily apply to websites. Website owners often believe that if a website visitor can find their needed information in just a few clicks, then they will be more likely to stay longer. Unfortunately, this misconception can lead to your website being too bleak and lacking in information.

The key here is organization. Your website headers must clearly categorize the information of your business. This way, the customers will find your website easy to navigate, and they will easily find what they are looking for. 

Using stock photos is acceptable

It’s easy to purchase stock photos to supply the elements of your website. But have you ever realized how many website owners rely on its site? Using stock photos can make your website look generic, and they can lose your customer’s trust in your brand.

Uniqueness is essential to your brand’s identity. As such, invest in product shoots and collect specially produced images for your business.

What works for others can also work for your business

Everyone you know most likely uses a mobile phone today. However, you won’t expect someone to open a laptop just to look for the newest brand of shoes in the market. Despite this, many website owners unconsciously exclude mobile and tablets when planning website design, and this can lead to users’ frustration and it may drag your website’s Google ranking.

An effective website must be responsive to the screen where it is being viewed, regardless if it’s a mobile device or a PC. A professional website development company can help you create a website that can fluidly adjust to any device so that you cater to all audiences.

Creating a website on your own is best

Although Do-It-Yourself works better for many businesses, you should exclude web design from this. You may create your own website because you want to save money, but will it be worth all the customers you are driving away because of a poorly designed website?

You think that it would be more convenient to create your website because you can apply all your ideas to it. But the purpose of a website design company is to offer suggestions and solutions to reach the goal of getting prospective customers to come back for more. If you are inexperienced in this aspect, it is always best to leave the job to the experts!

The work ends upon the completion of the website

Creating a website is the same as setting up your business. However, the website’s launch is merely the first step; it will need an actual operation, maintenance, and inventory of the web contents and traffic. You must also apply SEO to boost your website’s presence among the target market. Aside from the mentioned above, you should not overlook the security of the website. Make sure to stick only to a reliable and reputable website host. With that being said, leaving your website as it is after the launch will ultimately hurt your business’s growth.


Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts may give you much online presence and potential customers. However, your website will carry the identity and story of your company. As such, it should be appropriately established to reflect professionalism and customer care. By avoiding the misconception mentioned above, you will be able to establish an effective website that will help your business grow in the long run!

Don’t let your website hurt your company’s reputation, and let the experts of the best web development agency in Cairo help build your website. Request a free consultation from Nahr Development today to see how we can help you achieve your goals!

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