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4 Mobile App Development Trends in 2021

Smartphones have radically changed everyone’s lives. Today, it is not just for communicating. People use it to navigate, keep up with the news, listen to music, play games, watch movies, make purchases, and more.

As a result, mobile app development has become a very successful endeavor for many businesses over the past years. That’s why the best mobile app companies worldwide are always on the lookout for new mobile app development trends to use to build the next great thing.

If you’re seeking ideas and want to create an app that will wow your consumer, here are some mobile app development trends to be aware of.

1. Cloud-Based Apps

All apps require storage space to operate since it contains data and processing logic stored as code. A cloud-based app runs via the internet, and either a portion or the entirety of its functions operate in the cloud.

In a cloud-based application, a user interacts with the features via a mobile device or browser, and the data processing is done on a remote server using an API. A user’s device is just used as an input device in this scenario, and it does not host the bulk of processes.

2. Cross-Platform Apps

Cross-platform app development has grown increasingly common in recent years. It has been leveraged by staggeringly popular platforms like Facebook, Alibaba, and Pinterest to save costs, enhance productivity, and shorten development time.

Basically, you work on a single code base with cross-platform apps and then utilize it to create multiple versions of your product. The benefit is that you save time and money by hiring fewer developers. Because they’re all working on the same code, they only have to do everything once. Cross-platform apps are fantastic for increasing target audience exposure and simplifying upkeep.

3. Low-Code Apps

Low-code apps let you develop tools and apps without having to hire programmers. You may create apps using simple interfaces and very little code. These types of apps are fantastic for individuals who have excellent ideas but lack the funds or desire to employ developers. Because many creative individuals dislike coding, low-code apps can bring a whole new group of artists into the world of app development. Low-code apps are easy to create, protect, and deploy across numerous platforms, even for inexperienced developers.

4. Instant Apps

A Google Android instant app allows users to try out certain features of a native Android app without having to install it on their smartphone. They do not take up storage on their device because end users do not install them.

In the restricted version of your program, you can add prompts to download the full version. This is an excellent approach to persuade people who are undecided about your app. If you give them a decent demo, they’ll upgrade later.

Instant applications are especially useful for data-intensive programs with huge download sizes that can demonstrate their main functionality even through a considerably smaller file size. They can boost your session rate by encouraging consumers to spend more time using your services.


To stay ahead of the competition, organizations must keep up with the newest developments and technology in mobile app development. The future of mobile apps is all about speed, simplicity, and customization. Incorporating these new and emerging trends is a significant step forward for app development, one that contains many exciting possibilities.

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