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3 Reasons Your Website is Losing Traffic

One of the things website administrators and marketers dread the most is waking up one morning and finding that their web traffic has dipped really low. When you believe you are doing what you can to drive traffic to your website, this can be very frustrating. What could be causing this drop?

There are a number of potential reasons behind a website losing traffic and today, Nahr Development, the best web development agency in Egypt, shares some of them with you. More importantly, you’ll know how to address those issues:

Backlinks play a huge role in getting more traffic for a website. These are not merely direct links to your web pages; they also give your organic SEO a push and get your website higher on the SERPs. Keeping that in mind, you realize that losing backlinks could mean a disaster for your online traffic.

Why are you losing backlinks in the first place? One, you might have changed the page’s URL and failed to inform the backlink. Many still do not realize how easy it is to break those backlinks. It’s also possible that the page hosting the link has been taken down by its owner or that they deem your content isn’t relevant anymore and removes the link.

What to do about it: First, you need to determine why you’re losing backlinks. You should also proactively keep your content fresh and relevant by doing necessary updates.

Reason #2: Poor Content Quality and Keyword Usage

How is the quality of the content you’re posting? Users don’t engage with content that is poorly written or isn’t relevant. Google won’t rank your pages if they deem that they’re not worth seeing either.

How are you using your keywords? Did you know that using the same keywords on almost all your posts could hurt your traffic? If you’re doing this, it’s time to rethink your keyword strategy and if you still don’t have one, it’s definitely the best time to start strategizing. Perhaps you’re no longer ranking for the keywords you used to rank high for.

What to do about it: One thing to consider is how users are now doing their searches. Many have turned to voice searches using their smartphones and they tend to use complete sentences and strings of words that sound natural instead of the “robotic” way of searching that used to be popular. Of course, you should always work on the quality of the content you’re producing. They should be informative and entertaining. Your users should find value in every piece of content you post.

Reason #3: Google Algorithm Updates

You probably already know that Google changes its algorithms all the time. This is a constant cause of headache for SEO managers, especially if the updates are really big. The problem is, it’s not always easy to figure out how things have changed and what changes you should do. Thankfully there are tools and platforms that can make navigation through these changes much easier.

What to do about it: It’s trial and error, for sure, but you should really regularly check what’s working and what’s not. Check the websites that are ranking for the keywords that you want to rank for. Find the correlation between those successful pages and the new changes in the algorithm. Take action immediately because you don’t want your website to be left behind.


These are just three of the many reasons your website is losing traffic. By addressing these issues, you will surely get positive results. Of course, it will greatly help if you have the help of a reputable digital marketing agency in Egypt that knows what it takes to boost traffic to a website.

Nahr Development is the best web development agency in Egypt that also offers full-service digital marketing services and more. Contact our team today and let’s boost your website’s performance!

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