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4 Tried-and-Tested SEO Strategies for eCommerce Businesses

Any business is capable of launching successfully in their respective industries. But with the right SEO tools and strategies, an eCommerce company can thrive and become a profitable business in no time. Suppose you’re working with a digital marketing agency in Egypt, and you’re not sure what strategies to use to improve your website’s traffic and performance.  Here are some tips you can consider to develop a fail-proof SEO strategy for your website.

1. Choose the Right eCommerce Platform

Choosing the right eCommerce platform can make a difference when you’re still in the process of building your SEO strategy. Every platform has its own built-in features and advantages that you can leverage to improve your site’s optimization. So, the first thing you should do is to familiarize yourself with what the platform offers. Getting to know the platform is the best way you can effectively utilize its features to get good results.

2. Identify the Right Keywords

Of course, SEO will not be complete without the use of keywords. Before creating content for your website, it’s best to do some keyword research and find out which keywords work best with your brand. When doing your research, choose target keywords that are relevant to your brand and have great potential to rank in terms of competition and search volume. You should also keep your target audience in mind when choosing keywords.

As a rule of thumb, you should maintain a comprehensive list of long-tail keywords that includes options for related search terms. These are similar keywords that consumers will use when searching for products similar to your own. This little strategy allows you to cast a bigger net that can help you draw more people in while keeping a relevant set of keywords.

3. Optimize Your Product and Category Pages

Optimizing your products and category pages is an excellent opportunity to improve your website’s SEO. Again, keywords play a major role here since you need to use the right keywords that are relevant to what the page is offering. Don’t be cheap when it comes to writing about your products and services. Include as many details as possible by using relevant and informative text that includes your target keywords. Avoid single sentence descriptions, but don’t write an essay. There’s a sweet spot between those two where you can write a substantial amount of description about a product while keeping it readable and easily digestible. Revisit these pages on your website and see where you can improve the copy, then start creating additional product and category pages with this in mind.

4. Develop a Content Strategy

As you experiment with different ways to improve your SEO tactics, adopting a content strategy would be an excellent way to further bolster your site’s SEO. You can opt to write blog posts regularly to help draw more attention to your website. There’s also link building to help search engines better crawl your website through internal linking. External linking, on the other hand, will tell search engines to rank you higher for certain keywords. Both strategies require some commitment and are a continuous process, so be sure you’re up for it.


These four tips should help you build a more robust and effective SEO strategy to help transform your website into a highly trafficked online marketplace. While there are probably hundreds more of different SEO strategies out there, focusing on these first few items will give you a great start.

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