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Biggest Social Media Platforms

Importance of Social Media Platforms

Biggest platforms on social media and everything you need to know
All Social media platforms are Important.

while Instagram is very good for one brand, it can not so good for another and while one brand have a lot of engagement on Facebook, another brand have more traction on linked In.

So based on that how can you choose where to go on social media platforms

first of all at least you need to have a presence on each and from there choose which ones to push on.

let’s have a look at social media platforms:
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snap chat.

step by step you will gain insights for each platform and you can push more into succeeds platform

1- Facebook

Launched: 2004
Active Monthly Users: 2.45 billion

There are a lot of industries on Facebook include retail, media, telecom, consumer goods, financial services, gaming and automotive businesses.

don’t forget to create groups, using Facebook Messenger chat-bot.

2- Instagram

Launched: 2010
Active Users: 1 Billion

Instagram is more eye catching and creative.
Instagram it’s also a social network for a lot of industries like cosmetics industry and influences.

if your target demographic between 18-30, Instagram is the best for you
63% of users under 35 years old.
3- Twitter

Launched: 2006
Active Monthly Users: 330 Million

you will earn tremendous engagement on twitter if your business is related to sports, politics or entertainment.

on twitter you have opportunity to create your on hashtag.
Get nonstop conversation on twitter with provide value and let others share your content.

4- LinkedIn

Launched: 2003
Active Monthly Users: 310 Million

There is more than 61 million users on linked In Seniors users.
LinkedIn is More B2B if you are looking for people who have power to be partner with you or hire you company. linked In is full with decision makers.

5- Snap chat

Launched: 2011
Active Monthly Users: 360 Million

if your target demographic start from 13 years old, They spend 30 minutes per day on snap chat. snap chat is very good if you target demographic range from 13 to 25.

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