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Top 7 Features of Well-Designed eCommerce Websites

There is a myriad of online shopping options for consumers today. The competition is stiff, so you must deliver an outstanding web design and user experience in your eCommerce website. You need to persuade visitors that your products and site are worthy of their patronage.

Designing for eCommerce websites has its unique challenges and requirements compared to other sites, but they should have these basic features to be considered a well-designed eCommerce website. 

Whatever platform you may be using, such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and the like, adhere to the features to ensure the success of your site: 

Uncomplicated, Simple Design

Simpler designs often stand out the most. Remember that you are designing a site to win people and make people remember you. 

When there are too many details on your landing pages, visitors tend to bounce off your site or forget you quickly. However, if you catch their attention with a bold text, or use of color, or a striking image on an uncluttered landing page, visitors are more likely to focus on the products you are selling.

Design and layout simplicity also improves user experience when the site is discoverable, navigable, and consumable on whatever platform. 

Brand Awareness

Even if you are a startup entrepreneur and your brand is new, you still need to establish your brand strong at the get-go. Your website is only one part of an overall branding strategy in stores that sell online and in physical locations. So, the website should blend seamlessly with the company’s branding initiatives.

High-Quality Content

Selling online differs from selling in physical stores. In online selling, the consumer cannot touch or view the product in person before purchasing. The way to let potential buyers experience the product is through high-quality imagery, videos, and content. 

Include 360-degree images so shoppers can see different angles of your product. The quality of your content also becomes a basis for customers to know if you are a trusted seller or not and if your product is of high quality.

Social Proof and User-Generated Content (UGC)

Buyers today are more engaged in their purchase decisions. Your potential buyers probably researched you even before they browsed your website. They look at your brand’s social proof and what other users say about you because they trust that more than what you say about your brand. 

It is why you need to show social credentials on your eCommerce sites like reviews, ratings, and testimonials. You can also include any awards or recommendations your website has received from peers and industry experts.

Navigable Landing Pages

When your website is easy to navigate from the moment a visitor comes into your site to the time they check out, it increases the chances of conversion your site has. Complicated navigation equals lost revenue.

Additionally, navigation may be assisted by features such as outstanding sitewide search and filtering and sorting tools. 

Secure and Easy Checkout

You need to keep your user experience positive on the checkout page. Cart abandonment is common among eCommerce sites. You need to create a secure yet straightforward buying process so you don’t lose people’s trust along the way. 

Complicated, multiple steps in the checkout process make users feel uncomfortable. Many user testing and feedback can assist in building an efficient checkout experience. You can opt to use a platform that has a user-friendly checkout experience by default.

  1. Mobile-Responsive and Friendly

In 2021, mobile eCommerce sales accounted for 54 percent of total eCommerce sales in the US. If you want to get leads and conversions on your eCommerce site, it must be mobile responsive, meaning accessible in whatever mobile device people use to access your site. 


When it comes to the cutthroat world of eCommerce websites, you need to develop eCommerce website solutions that genuinely respond to the demands of your target market while best representing your voice as a brand. 

These are the trifecta of successful eCommerce sites—responsive, well-designed and coded, and user-centric experiences. But apart from these, other factors make your eCommerce website stand out and thrive. It is best to consult a web design agency to help you boost your site’s success. 

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