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Running an eCommerce site can prove to be one of the most difficult yet fulfilling processes that one can ever go through. Whether you’re selling small goods that move quickly or high-ticket items that take some time to close, eCommerce is as rigorous as it gets. 

With so many payments to receive, orders to fill, and customers to satisfy, running an eCommerce operation can be overwhelming. You need a well-rounded website as the foundation of all your business processes. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it sounds. You need to ask the question: What do customers want in an eCommerce website?

Designing an eCommerce Website 

The modern eCommerce system places a great emphasis on buyer power, which is why sellers and businesses alike are required to tailor their services to audience preferences. This is especially important when building websites for selling—well-rounded websites that provide quality experiences garner desirable results, after all!

Various key pointers are instrumental in laying a solid foundation for your eCommerce business. To help you navigate through the process and understand what customers want in an eCommerce site, here are some key points to watch out for: 

1. A Good Overall Design

Let’s say you were to walk into a store to look for some arts and crafts supplies. Much to your dismay, the store is poorly lit, smells bad, and you can’t even find what you’re looking for. Of course, you will walk out and take your money elsewhere.

Well, this is how your customers will feel when they encounter a website design that’s disorganized and unappealing to look at. When you consider your website design in the most calculated, disciplined, and creative way possible, you demonstrate that you’re a business that cares about quality. The average user wants an easy and smooth shopping experience, and if you deliver that, you embed a sense of trust that will encourage them to purchase! 

2. Improved Site Speed

When catering to customer wants with your website, speed matters. In fact, it matters a lot. The average consumer’s attention span is growing shorter every year, and many people are no longer patient enough to wait more than two seconds for any website or app to load. 

Once you implement measures to optimize website elements to improve webpage loading speeds, you’ll be able to earn even more sales over time by catering to a fundamental consumer want! 

3. Proper End-to-end Development

Do you want to ensure that your website can deliver what your customers want from it? Well, it pays to enlist the services of an expert to help you with front-end and back-end development.

If the design of your website is the architecture of your online store, then the development is its engineering. Even if you can go all-out on your website structure, you can mess things up by not paying attention to its inner workings. Fortunately, this is where an expert like Nahr Development can be of great assistance—you can ensure that your pages cater to all customer needs! 


One of the most crucial tools you can use to give your growing eCommerce business an advantage is a well-rounded website that has everything your customers want. Keep these factors in mind so you can develop, create, and deliver web pages that will satisfy your visitors and turn them into loyal paying customers! 

We’re an eCommerce web development company in Cairo that helps businesses build the best website experiences that guarantee more conversions and results. Get in touch with us today for a consultation! 

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