Scale Your Business with These Digital Marketing Strategies

Company growth is more than reaching your customers and using a digital marketing agency to increase visibility. You need strategies to acquire new markets continuously and sell more products. Here are some strategies that can guarantee to help your business scale!

Online Engagement

Customer feedback drives positive or negative growth. This truth applies to physical and virtual marketplaces. Your sales team or digital marketing agency handling accounts need to practice active listening. 

Engage them whenever your brand or company receives emails, PMs, or comments from customers! Find out what they like about your product or determine their pain points. 

Word of Mouth is Key

Creating genuine relationships through conversations increases customer retention and inspires them to be brand ambassadors. However, ensure you act on what was discussed, or they’ll end up spreading negativity about you.

Actively Post on Social Media

Boost your website and e-commerce pages with social media posts. Since people spend roughly two hours a day on social media to engage or receive content, your business should be there as well! A digital marketing agency should always have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as their primary social media channels for creating photo or video campaigns.

Once these gain traction, meaning there are a considerable number of likes and comments (aim for more than a hundred), cross-promote across social media. It helps improve visibility, new market reach, leads, and conversions.

Optimize Websites for Mobile Devices

Your social media posts’ virality does not mean your digital marketing agency should ignore your website’s performance. When they’re not on social media, netizens browse through search engines for the most random things, including their needs and wants. If you wish to be part of that action, you have to improve your website across all devices.

Slow website performance equates to a loss of about 50 percent of your total visitors. If you have one million visitors a day, that’s 500,000 missed potential sales! Ways you can improve your website speed include:

  • Getting Your Web Hosting Platform: Building a site on other established websites such as WordPress or Blogger costs next to nothing but leads to speed issues as you’re one of the many customers using their services. 

Since WordPress has over 60 million active users, that’s tens of millions of accounts logging in, publishing, and navigating their blog through the site. That’s too much traffic! 

We highly recommend getting your web domain through a hosting service like HostGator or GoDaddy. You’ll have a dedicated server that guarantees speedy loading times.

  • Correctly Sizing Your Images and Videos: For photos, the PNG file extension maintains its quality while reducing its size, perfect for desktop and mobile viewing. 
  • Reducing Text Copies: Blocks of text are data you need to load every time you visit a website. Since your pages utilize aptly-sized photos and videos, reduce your text to around three-sentence paragraphs to make them more readable and quicker to load.

Before You Scale

Choose which of these strategies apply or work best for you. These are all great on paper, but we wouldn’t want you to reinvent the wheel if your team has already used them or it is unnecessary. If you forget most of what you’ve read, remember that scaling your business means building relationships with your customers to discover their needs and serve them better. That is what will help your business scale in the long run.

For more relevant information on growing and promoting your company, visit Nahr Development today! We’re a digital marketing agency in Cairo providing quality web design, mobile application development, and more! Request a quote from us today!

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