Choosing between Mobile Apps or Mobile Websites for Business

As more of the world transitions to digital marketing and eCommerce, your business may be considering establishing its mobile presence. 

You can quickly gain more traffic, leads, and revenue by going online. However, you may have to choose whether to have a website or app developed. You may even decide that you want to have both.

Websites and apps are similar at first glance, but these options offer different features that your company may want to prioritize more. While it is best to have both, it may not suit your budget to have both a website and app developed.

This article will help you determine the difference between the two and choose which one your company should prioritize.

How Do They Differ?

While both mobile options are designed to provide a way for clients to access your business on the move, websites and apps have some definitively different features. Both of these options can be accessed through mobile devices, but apps need to be downloaded and installed on your user’s mobile device. On the other hand, websites can be accessed instantly through any device that has a browser.

Some apps are also designed to allow access without an internet connection.

Which Is Better?

Both options are excellent ways to connect with your users. To choose between the two, you need to identify certain aspects of your business and the mobile customers you are trying to reach.

If you are developing a game or a platform that requires complex navigation, storage access, and other features, it is best to work with a mobile app development agency. App development process may take more time, but you get all the features your company needs.

If your goal is just to get your business to the broadest possible audience, however, you are better off with a website. Websites are also the go-to option for companies planning on getting an app developed later on.

A website helps establish your online presence as you are developing the app. Your website development company can have features temporarily set on your website as a prototype and have them integrated better into your app. 

Advantages of Mobile Websites

There are various advantages to mobile websites for companies aiming to promote their brand and build brand awareness. Some of these include the following:

Instant Availability

Mobile websites are accessible instantly from any browser-equipped device, which means that users can access your business whenever they want to. Unlike an app that needs to be downloaded, users can go to a website from any available browser, which are likely already built in on their devices.

Device Compatibility

Users can access a website from any device with a browser, including phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets. Since websites are device-neutral, it is much easier for users to access your business. Apps may not be compatible with specific phone models or operating systems.

Ease of Upgrades

Unlike an app, you can easily update the content on your mobile website. You won’t need to wait for an upgrade or submit to the app store for a new version. You also wouldn’t need to make versions of the upgrade compatible with specific devices. You can just make one update that is compatible with everything.

Better Visibility and Shareability

It is easier to share content on your mobile website through links and your online presence. When you create content, it is automatically published online. Your potential customers can also conveniently search your website’s content through search engines like Google.


Mobile websites and apps may both be beneficial to your business, but it is up to you to decide which one is ideal for your business model. The main point in choosing whether you should focus on a mobile website or app is the type of customer you are trying to reach and what service you are offering.

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