Implementing Security during Mobile App Development

Cutting-edge technology has become commonplace in mobile applications, and security is one of the domains that has benefited the most. Security technologies that had been considered cutting edge just a couple of years ago are commonplace today, and security is a major selling point for mobile apps. 

eCommerce has blown up even more over the last two years. That means more and more people are using their credit or debit cards online. Cybercrime is on the rise like never before. Data security is more vital than ever as a result. So companies or organizations that are working with an app development company need to ensure that while the app is being developed, there’s a strong, well-made security system in action.

Read on to learn more about implementing security during mobile app development:

When Security Practices Aren’t Strong, Threats Are Imminent

Cyber attacks on mobile applications can be prevented if security protocols are followed properly and to the letter of the law. Yes, there are lawed protocols that deal with cyber security. Many threats can arise if security practices aren’t strong. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Confidential data related to the app development process leaking
  • Copying app development code for spoof apps or copies to be made
  • Data theft of businesses and app developers
  • Unauthorized access to the company’s IP address
  • Unauthorized access to the intellectual properties of the company
  • Unauthorized access to network settings of the property

Mobile App Security Can Be Improved

There are a number of things that can be done for mobile app security to improve. Putting tight security measures in place will go a long way. Some of the best ways to go about it include:

Keep the Back-End Secure

Whenever there is unauthorized access like a data breach, it tends to happen from the back end. App developers could be using third-party servers, usually accessed by the API of the mobile app. APIs need to be encrypted as well as verified, which can lead to unauthorized access being thwarted. In turn, it keeps the client’s sensitive information secure.

It’s just as important to conduct tough, regular penetration testing. That way, any possible entry points for hackers in the back end can be found and addressed immediately.

Keep the Mobile App Code Secure

The code is essentially everything that the mobile app stands on. App development companies need to ensure their codes are highly secured. Since native mobile apps are on mobile devices or user’s devices, they’re far more likely to cyber attacks. Particularly their core codes. So encrypting codes, making them tough to read or copy, will go a long way. 

Using complex and modern algorithms with API encryption might sound like a lot, but it will go a long way in terms of securing the mobile app’s code.


People are more reliant on their phones than ever and, as a result, mobile applications. Data security, in turn, has become very important. It’s important for mobile app development to be secured by keeping the mobile app code secure, as well as the back-end.

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