Why Using a Simple Web Design Can Bring You More Customers

Now that web development has become so intrinsically part of the contemporary business model, it’s only right to keep your design updated so that your website doesn’t end up feeling obsolete.

Many of today’s consumer habits and online practices call for a simpler web design, away from all the fluff and loud elements that enraptured the internet in the early ’00s. There is a reason a good website development company will tell you to pursue a more minimalist site in this age.

Simpler Designs Avoid Feeling Outdated

One of the main reasons simpler web designs are highly valued is because they don’t tend to age as quickly.

People inevitably change over time, and so do their tastes, so it is inevitable that every trend will eventually become dated. A simple website design is not likely to be affected by how long it has been on the internet.

Just using specific brand elements can already help you establish yourself with potential and returning consumers alike.

Users Prefer to Surf Through Uncluttered Pages

Visitors don’t want to waste their time sifting through a web page that has so many unnecessary elements that just end up feeling messy.

When your site is cluttered, it’s harder on the eyes and can be more confusing to navigate. Because of the bountiful amount of sites and competition available on the net, users are less likely to put up with this.

A clean design that showcases all the important aspects right away can do wonders.

Web Visitors Are More Likely to Use a Site That is Easy to Navigate

Research suggests that people tend to stick to a site that is easy to navigate since it allows them to perform tasks more smoothly and conveniently.

It’s all about creating a good user experience when they visit your site. If you have an easy-to-surf page, you’ll also find it easy to lead visitors to conversions.

Users Are Less Patient With Loading Times

If you want to attract people to your site, streamlining your site and making it load quickly are guaranteed to help. This can increase your chances of a repeat visit, and it will also make visitors more likely to stick around long enough to become customers.

A simpler design will make your website load all of its assets and no time, which is essential in a time when people will click away or close a tab just for taking more than a couple of seconds to load.

Mobile Compatibility is an Attractive Point for Users

With the proliferation of mobile devices, it’s a necessity that your site is mobile-friendly. A streamlined design has more leeway when it comes to adapting to various screen types.

Since a significant portion of today’s consumers prefer to shop online on mobile devices, it’s worth catering to that platform.

A Good Website Immediately Builds Trust

It’s not easy to trust a site immediately, especially if you’re a new visitor. One of the easier ways to build that trust is by having an aesthetically pleasing design.

Simplicity and elegance in design can help you highlight the best parts of your business and establish a sense of credibility.


Any web design agency will tell you that a simple design is always better for your site, especially if you’re in the business of selling products or services.

It’s all a matter of targeting and attracting your target audience, and the best way to do that is by presenting the right information in a clear and straightforward manner.

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