Success Stories

We are a team of e-commerce professionals
always striving to support successful brands around the world.
We provide design and programming services for websites, online stores, and smartphone applications, in addition to creating commercial websites that fully and effectively meet the needs of our customers.

Accelerate Your E-commerce Growth with Nahr Development

We are proud that we have implemented more than 200 projects in the field of e-commerce in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, North Africa, Europe, America, Iraq, Germany, and Italy, thanks to our specialized and qualified team with the latest technologies.
When you cooperate with us, you will get our premium services that help you reduce costs, increase profits and expand your business significantly.
We provide you with free consultation and free technical support to ensure that you receive the best services.
We have been working in this field since 2007, and we are proud that we have a qualified and specialized team consisting of more than 50 engineers.
We welcome your contact with us now to inquire about our services and obtain the necessary technical support in a professional and friendly manner.

Overview of Our Projects


About Us Tourz store Book unique experiences Explore top-rated tours, top-rated hotels and restaurants around the world With our website tourz, your travels will be happy, safe and...

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Climb to the top of Google Search Results with our powerful SEO services Getting to the first page of Google is a good step but staying there...

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Your website is your company’s face to the world and an important aspect of your online presence. Your visitors will judge your business as soon as...

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Social Media Marketing

Grow your Digital Presence with our Social Media Marketing Services Paid, Organic, and Social Consultation Social media marketing is the present and future so if you want...

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Mobile App Development

We are a web design and e-commerce company, We provide mobile application development and programming services and open online stores. Our experience exceeds 15 years in serving...

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It has become a must for every business owner to have an online store with 82% of web users deciding to make online purchases. It provides easy...

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About Us KADAD is a Saudi Arabian app that combines taxi and delivery services, offering users a convenient way to access both transportation and delivery services in...

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About Us Dawwie emerged to provide girls with a platform to share their stories and connect with others who can support and inspire them. Dawwie aims to create...

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forus is a leading brand in providing electronic devices with the highest efficiency Nahr Development has created a website for worldwide reach and an online presence forus is...

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About Us Meras is the first platform specialized in sportswear in Kuwait, bringing you new products for the first time. You can find famous products directly from official...

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Qatari Public Prosecution

Qatari Public Prosecution application is a digital platform that provides convenient and efficient access to a range of legal services and information in Qatar. The app...

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About Us Pharco helped Employees send their job requests to their managers through this application and their managers manage the requests with approval or rejection.Security starts with...

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