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In a digitally-driven landscape where anyone can instantly connect with different businesses and people from all walks of life, adding a personal touch to ads seems harder today than it was in the analog world. However, being exposed to marketing for years now solidified the market’s need for something more meaningful—an ad that doesn’t only intend to make sales and educate, engage, and establish deeper connections with each other. 

The marketing sphere is an ever-evolving one, so it’s no surprise that marketers picked up on the demand for creating campaigns with a personal touch. With that in mind, personalized marketing has become the latest buzzword dominating the landscape as a whopping 32 percent of consumers trust brands more when they produce personalized ads. 

How Do You Marry Personalization and Your Marketing Efforts? 

Personalization isn’t just about sharing relatable stories or addressing a customer’s name in emails, but more about collecting customer information using analytic data and declared data. Both are integral to understanding your audience as analytic data involves assessing your market using their browsing and shopping patterns, while declared data uses information directly given by your consumers. 

When combined, you can shape your campaigns with your demographic’s unique insights, previous actions, purchase history, and behavior, all of which result in a personalized, data-driven, and seamless experience with your brand. In a more realistic context, you’ll notice personalization in the works through the following categories: 

  • Marketing segmentation, wherein your brand groups your market based on general information; 
  • Purchase history, wherein customers can get suggestions based on the products they previously viewed or bought; 
  • Detailed data-based personalization, wherein you assess your market’s specific needs, interests, and behavior so you can use the right marketing channel to communicate with them. 

Modern Marketing: The Power of Making It Personal 

  1. Forty-four percent of consumers likely become repeat buyers due to a seamless shopping experience, leading to more repeat purchases for your business. 
  1. Twenty percent of businesses saw their overall sales skyrocket after personalizing their digital marketing strategy. 
  1. Eighty percent of consumers are likely to buy from your brand and develop loyalty. 

The Bottom Line: Tailoring Your Message through Personalized Digital Marketing

Catchy phrases, eye-catching visuals, or even must-buy products no longer persuade people to go for your brand. Instead, creating a personalized experience through your marketing campaigns give users a stronger anchor to hold onto.

Personalization in digital marketing means getting your audience well enough to understand their interests and pain points so you can shape your ads according to your unique market. The deeper they feel connected to your brand, the more likely they’ll become your customers and ultimately contribute to your ROI.

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